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What makes GUDRS™ the ultimate backup solution?

Components with robust features:

The core server application of GUDRS™ offers centralized backup services to diverse end client users, which allows Geek Internet Development (GID) administrators to manage individual users and their account configurations, as well as easily monitoring the entire system’s performance.

GUDRS™ Pro (1)
A comprehensive client-side backup application bundled with various database backup modules for backing up files and databases from client-side computers to GUDRS™, which is most suitable for backing up servers.

GURDS™ Std (2)
A light version of GUDRS™ Pro with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface, which is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers.

A server application for storing data replicated from one, or multiple, GUDRS™ OBS, ingeniously designed to provide an additional level of protection to the backed up data.

Relationship among the components


Continuous Data Protection

GUDRS's™ advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology captures every version of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, even if your hard drive crashes completely after you have worked for a full day without invoking a backup manually, the saved copy of your working files will still be intact on the backup server. CDP provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention. In addition, backup will only run when the computer is idle, or when the level of CPU utilization falls below a specific percentage (e.g. 20%), leaving backup operation completely transparent to users by not discernibly reducing performance.

The virtue of backup is to make copies of critical data so that these additional copies can be used to restore the original following a data-loss disaster. With GUDRS™, data will be copied, compressed, 128-bit / 256-bit encrypted and finally uploaded to a remote server located offsite through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The backed up data is 100% restorable to the original formats, when needed, by simply clicking a few buttons. In addition, GUDRS™ provides another level of protection by allowing replication of the remote backup server(s) to another remote location. This gives a double protection that cannot be provided by other backup software alone.

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